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Thoughts on my grandfather, Clemson, the BCS, the Heisman Trophy and the off season moves of the Yankees and Red Sox.


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So, Clemson pulled off a huge upset Saturday against Miami and control their own destiny to get to the ACC Championship for the first time where they will more than likely face Georgia Tech who barely eeked out a win against the Tigers earlier in the year.  Yes, that was a long sentence.  Let me see if I got this right.  Clemson has 3 losses by a combined 10 pts and merely has to win out to make the championship game.  Hmmm.  That sounds oddly familiar.  I wonder how many callers to WCCP have lamented those losses and regretted being thisclose to being a BCS contender.  If and when Clemson accomplishes either of these two firsts(making the Championship game and winning it to earn a BCS bid) I will take my hats off to them…literally.  I have 3 Clemson hats that I will burn.  I will keep my Clemson toboggan because it keeps my ears warm when I leave the gym.  Seriously.  I’m 100% positive that moving away from Tigertown removed all orange tinting from my glasses.  So, Clemson fans prepare the best(Orange Bowl tickets baby!) or the worst(explaining to your son why Clemson was mediocre again and why next year will be better-just give him the same speech you’ve given him the past 10 years and that your father gave you).

The World Series starts tomorrow night and at a decent hour.  Thank you MLB!  It’s the first time in a long time that the two best teams from the season are meeting in the World Series.  No Wild Card teams here(and no small market/low budget teams either).  It should be a great series.  However, as a Red Sox fan, I am facing a stark reality:  these Yankees are different.  There big free agents signings did not blow up in their faces this year(CC and Tex).  Every move the Yankees have made in the last 7 or 8 years had been iffy.  Jason Giambi, Randy Johnson, Gary Sheffield, Carl Pavano…none of their moves worked out…until now.  And so, we are left facing the possibility of a new Yankee dynasty that could run the table for the next 3 or 4 years though Joe Girardi’s managerial moves are often questionable.  The Red Sox face some big off season decisions.  The last thing we(and the world) needs is more Yankee’s titles.

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