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Thoughts on my grandfather, Clemson, the BCS, the Heisman Trophy and the off season moves of the Yankees and Red Sox.


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Thoughts on my Grandfather

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Friday just got a little heavier than I intended.  Here’s what’s been going on as I take you through my train of thought.  Warning!  This may be scary.

1.  Spoke at revival at Liberty Wesleyan Church this week.  Had a great time and felt the Lord speak to me and through me.  Awesome to reunite with Travis and Autumn Ward who I used to watch wrestling with every week.  God challenged me so much through the messages and was faithful to help me overcome a cough that has progressively gotten worse.  Speaking got all sorts of topics going through my head.

2.  Found out late Wednesday night that my grandfather(on my dad’s side) has cancer and only a few months to live.  Papa Robert is 90 so they are still looking at options.  This has got me thinking about the things I don’t know about so many in my family.  I want to hear their stories, disappointments, and ask questions like,”what would you change if you had it all to do over again?”  I want to capture all of this on video.  What if genealogy could jump off the page and speak to us?  All of this got me thinking about my regrets.  This made me glad that…

3.  We didn’t have Facebook or Myspace when I was growing up.  I think if I were to look back I would be embarressed and ashamed by some of the pictures, statuses, and tweets I would have posted.  It would have been weird hoping my parents never saw my page and revealing my true self to the whole world.  On the other hand, it may have kept me honest because maybe I would’ve made better decisions if I knew the whole world were watching.  I just think that changing my relationship status once a week and posting “couple” pics would be weird.  Would I have cussed on Facebook as much as I cussed in real life?  Maybe I would’ve cussed less, cheated less, and been a better person.  Oh, I went to church more than anybody and am thankful that the influence of Godly parents, Sunday School teachers, neighbors, pastors, youth pastors, and friends won the day and helped me avoid a whole lot of regret.  I realize now that being there didn’t “save” me, but in a way it did.  I still had to choose Jesus for myself, but all those hours at church and with the church opened my eyes to what life truly was about.  It’s sad how many “good” kids I see go through this downhill progression where they forsake their faith and party hard all for the world to see.  It will be hard to tell your kids not to drink when they’ll be able to see all your underage drinking pictures on the internet.  I guess it’s odd that what used to be secretive and only your closest friends knew is now posted for the whole world to see.  You used to hear stories of people partying, but now we’ve got pics, updates from the party, and statuses from the morning after.  I think we’ve gotten so sensitive to not want to be judgmental that we don’t exercise any judgment at all.  There’s this attitude that sin is unavoidable so you might as well go with the flow.

4.  I try to use the internet and Social Media to share my faith and encourage others.  I think they are wonderful tools to communicate with the world.  I think that all of these things are making it possible for my children and (hopefully) grandchildren to know my story.  I want to make it a great one…one they can be proud of.

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The past week and a half has been a whirlwind.  Situations, planned and unplanned, have been a source of stress for me and my family.  There have been a lot of “rubber meets the road” ministry opportunities.  Nothing was covered in any class, seminar, or training that have ever been to.  It has made me painfully aware of the grip that sin has on our small town.  I have mentioned before the sense of oppression here.  That things are never going to get better.  That things are the way they are and that’s the way it is.  I have seen and heard things recently that literally blow my mind as to how Satan is attacking out town, our children, and our families.  Stuff you hear on the news is hitting right here at home.  Too often, there is a “no worries” attitude about it all.  I think I want to call it “Bible Belt-itis.”  We live in an area where everyone “goes” to church or knows someone who “goes” to church or used to “go” to church.  This is American Christianity in a nutshell.  It’s like getting your oil changed.  Get it done every once and a while at the cheapest and fastest place you can find and everything will be alright.  The Bible talks very plainly about people who don’t tithe, aren’t active as the body of Christ, sin freely, spend foolishly, engage in sexual immorality, neglect their families, and speak with untamed tongues.  It says those people are lost, foolish, heathen, will not inherit the kingdom of God(Galatians 5:19-21), and are to be chased after like a lost sheep, coin, and son(Luke 15).  I am taking a hard look in the mirror today.  Am I doing enough to shed the love and light of Christ in this town?  What price am I willing to pay to see all 2,000 residents won to the Kingdom of Christ?  You cannot actively rebel against the will of God and be a Christian.  You can’t be living in sin and expect to see the gates of Heaven, pearly or not.  I am too tired and too old to be beating around the bush in regards to the sin that has overcome so many people I know and love.  I want to be a little more like Peter and little less like a pansy.  So, to everyone in Denton, if you’re looking for a youth pastor who’s cool with your kid never having their Bible with them…I’m not your guy.  If you’re fine with your sons looking at porn on the family computer with no accountability…can’t help you.  If it’s okay with you that your daughter dresses like she just walked off of the set of MTV’s Spring Break-Out…sorry.  If you’re looking for someone to cry with you when your child, whom you’ve never modeled the Christian life for or tried to seriously engage with Jesus through an active church youth group, turns up pregnant, drugged up, dropped out, alcoholic, porn addict with an STD you can’t pronounce then I will be happy to hold your hand, answer the “how” question bluntly, and do everything within the power God gives me to see you and your child redeemed by the blood of Christ.  This afternoon, I will be making phone calls.  I will be laying it on the line with lots of kids.  God, forgive me for not doing and being this sooner.  What’s that smell?  Smells like a Revolution to me.  Who’s with me?

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1.  I wonder how a pro-life supporter can kill someone(in a church)in cold blood because that person is pro-choice.

2.  I wonder how many pastors(youth pastors especially) we will see get “let go”, “fired”, “inner circle word for getting fired(copyright, Heath Mullikin 2008)” before the Wesleyan denomination steps in and adds some real job protections to the Discipline.  How about when the youth pastor signs a yearly housing lease(because he’s asked to by the board) and shortly after is let go with a pricey out clause?  In the corporate world, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.  On the flip side, if the pastor jets in an untimely and unclassey way then he should be penalized like a college basketball coach.  At some point, a DS should step in and say, “nope, you ain’t gonna do that to these good people.  You’re taking a year off.”

3.  I wonder if the John Wesley movie is going to be as bad as I think it is.  I wonder if the 5’4″ Wesley appreciates being portrayed by a guy big enough to be an NFL TE(that’s Tight End for all you non-fantasy football players).  I wonder if, as Wesleyans, we are obligated to promote a substandard product which may do more harm than good.  Of course, the film may be great and I will see it regardless.  I thought “Amazing Grace” was great.  I just don’t see Mr. Calvin getting this kind of theatrical treatment.  When I see the movie(can’t find the release date on http://www.comingsoon.net which isn’t a good sign) I will give it a fair review and probably take a bunch of people to see it with me.  We may even rent out the whole theater.  I’m sure Jam can get us a deal at Cinemark in Asheboro.

4.  I wonder if TLC is “The Learning Channel” then what are they teaching us with season 5 of Jon and Kate(episode 2 is on as I type).  Why would the couple or the network sign on for 40 episodes in the midst of the beginnings of the current scandal(oh wait, I just dropped a dollar, now where was I)?  This season is going to be like Nascar-everyone is watching for the wrecks.

5.  I wonder how I game I am so terrible at(golf) brings me so much joy?  I will break 100 before year’s end.  Just gotta get my arm fixed first.  Is there such a thing as golfer’s elbow/forearm or that just called old man syndrome?

6.  I wonder why I made my wife wait while I finished typing this.  I’m an idiot.

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Since getting married and having kids I have been much better about taking a day off in every week.  Like so many people(pastors too!) I used to be really bad about taking a Sabbath.  Now, I look forward to Thursdays and the hilarity that ensues.  Here you go:

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