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This blog is inactive now, but you can follow the continuing adventures of Heath Mullikin at heathmullikin.com!

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2010, here it comes!

Here are the things I’m working on that have been keeping me from giving you your Daily Dose of Heath.
1. Holiday travel
2. #LoveMercy Charlotte-lots of news and reports to come
3. Writing project for SLD
4. Chase Your Lion dot com
5. ChaseUrLion



8.  Walk 4 Wells-more info to come.  Yes, you are about to be challenged.


10.  Trying to be a better husband to my out-of-my-league wife.

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An Extreme Day

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1.  Sad that the Red Sox went out without a whimper.  Here’s hoping the Angels put the Yankees in a world of hurt and that the Phillies win it all.  It’s amazing that Charlie Manual was on the hot seat for so long in Philly, and now his job is as safe as anyone’s whether they win or lose.  He’s a perfect fit for that team and they are coming together at just the right time.  I haven’t bought my train ticket for the victory parade yet, but I told Karen this morning that I’m going when they win it all again.  So, to all you Chi United folks, anyone got room on the couch for me?

2.  If President Obama really wants to put the rest all the hubbub over his winning the Nobel Peace Prize then he’ll do an intervention with Jon and Kate and help them patch up their marriage so all of America can get on with our lives and see new faces on magazine covers.

3.  Finally, it’s Pastor Appreciation month.  It is NOT the thought that counts when no thought is put into a gift.  To help you in your search for the perfect gift I’ve compiled some suggestions and options over at Chase Your Lion dot com.

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In 24 hours, a dream becomes reality. What started out as an unsure yearning has now become bits, bytes, html, php, and  I am in car today with some dear friends on our way to see U2 in Atlanta.  That’s a five hour drive for us…one way.  Along the way, we will be picking up a Roady name Palmer who will be joining us for this 20 hour Epic.  I am excited to experience my second U2 show, but I’m more excited to announce that at 9 am tomorrow….comboIt has been a whirlwind the last few weeks and the next few even more so.  Please be in prayer for the following.

1.  That Chase Your Lion dot com will help people discover and pursue their purpose, passion, and possibiliites.

2.  For Revival Services at Liberty Wesleyan Church(NC West Edition) on October 18-21 that I will be speaking at.  Pray for a Revolution of hearts and minds.

3.  Pray for widsom and strength as I have some amazing opportunities at the NC East Fall Rally and Love/Mercy.  I’m really excited about some Love/Mercy doors that have opened up.

4.  Pray for Denton Wesleyan.  God is moving and it is causing people to squirm and feel uncomfortable.

5.  Pray for my wife, Karen, and our 3 kids, Milena, Charis, and Drake.  I have spent many late nights recently working on the new site.  I haven’t been this passionate about a project in a long time.  It feels good, but pray that, now that the site is up, the laptop won’t be a fixture on the kitchen table anymore.

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Here’s a hilarious vid of Perry Noble and Dabo Swinney.  I hope I don’t have to explain the joke to you.

Now, yesterday I told you I would give you my preview for this year’s Tiger team.  I think Tommy Bowden’s legacy can be summed up in two words:  unfulfilled potential.  Not only in his coaching, but in the program’s failure to turn blue chip recruits into NFL studs.  Guys like Todd McClinton, Wily Korn, Roscoe Crosby-guys who came in highly touted but never reached their full potential.  15 Bowden coached Tigers are in the NFL.  By comparison, over 20 Gamecocks are on NFL rosters.  The full blame doesn’t fall on Bowden or the program, but they must share some responsibility.  Sadly, will we add CJ Spiller’s name to the list?  He is a great player, but has he improved since his freshman year?  He was fast and elusive when he got here.  Think he regrets not playing 4 years with Tim Tebow at Florida?  For new coach Dabo, this year is a wash.  Unless the Tigers go 2-11 or something crazy like that his job is not on the line.  I see 7-8 wins for them(sound familiar) and a mid range bowl bid.  Dabo either takes the program places Bowden could not or he is gone after three to four 6-8 win seasons.  If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results then…

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Time to do your part

There are big things happening around the Mullikin household.  God has been stirring in our hearts this summer to “chase our lions.” It has been a learning and growing process.  Right now, I’ve got something big and challenging in the works.  I can’t got into details just yet, but I’m hoping to launch everything on September 23rd, my twins’ birthday.  Here’s what I need from you.  Txt, twitter, comment, Facebook, Digg, etc. any websites, books, music, blogs, or other resources that have helped you in your Christian journey.  Also, if you have site like this or this that gives people a practical way to serve and want some link love and promo then let me know.  Anything that helps people discover their purpose, passion, and possibilities:  that’s what I’m looking for.  By the way, you will be hearing those 3 P’s a lot.  What do you do when you catch a lion?  I think I’m about to find out.  Much love to all, my friends.

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