An Extreme Day


So, Clemson pulled off a huge upset Saturday against Miami and control their own destiny to get to the ACC Championship for the first time where they will more than likely face Georgia Tech who barely eeked out a win against the Tigers earlier in the year.  Yes, that was a long sentence.  Let me see if I got this right.  Clemson has 3 losses by a combined 10 pts and merely has to win out to make the championship game.  Hmmm.  That sounds oddly familiar.  I wonder how many callers to WCCP have lamented those losses and regretted being thisclose to being a BCS contender.  If and when Clemson accomplishes either of these two firsts(making the Championship game and winning it to earn a BCS bid) I will take my hats off to them…literally.  I have 3 Clemson hats that I will burn.  I will keep my Clemson toboggan because it keeps my ears warm when I leave the gym.  Seriously.  I’m 100% positive that moving away from Tigertown removed all orange tinting from my glasses.  So, Clemson fans prepare the best(Orange Bowl tickets baby!) or the worst(explaining to your son why Clemson was mediocre again and why next year will be better-just give him the same speech you’ve given him the past 10 years and that your father gave you).

The World Series starts tomorrow night and at a decent hour.  Thank you MLB!  It’s the first time in a long time that the two best teams from the season are meeting in the World Series.  No Wild Card teams here(and no small market/low budget teams either).  It should be a great series.  However, as a Red Sox fan, I am facing a stark reality:  these Yankees are different.  There big free agents signings did not blow up in their faces this year(CC and Tex).  Every move the Yankees have made in the last 7 or 8 years had been iffy.  Jason Giambi, Randy Johnson, Gary Sheffield, Carl Pavano…none of their moves worked out…until now.  And so, we are left facing the possibility of a new Yankee dynasty that could run the table for the next 3 or 4 years though Joe Girardi’s managerial moves are often questionable.  The Red Sox face some big off season decisions.  The last thing we(and the world) needs is more Yankee’s titles.

What’s on my mind

Friday just got a little heavier than I intended.  Here’s what’s been going on as I take you through my train of thought.  Warning!  This may be scary.

1.  Spoke at revival at Liberty Wesleyan Church this week.  Had a great time and felt the Lord speak to me and through me.  Awesome to reunite with Travis and Autumn Ward who I used to watch wrestling with every week.  God challenged me so much through the messages and was faithful to help me overcome a cough that has progressively gotten worse.  Speaking got all sorts of topics going through my head.

2.  Found out late Wednesday night that my grandfather(on my dad’s side) has cancer and only a few months to live.  Papa Robert is 90 so they are still looking at options.  This has got me thinking about the things I don’t know about so many in my family.  I want to hear their stories, disappointments, and ask questions like,”what would you change if you had it all to do over again?”  I want to capture all of this on video.  What if genealogy could jump off the page and speak to us?  All of this got me thinking about my regrets.  This made me glad that…

3.  We didn’t have Facebook or Myspace when I was growing up.  I think if I were to look back I would be embarressed and ashamed by some of the pictures, statuses, and tweets I would have posted.  It would have been weird hoping my parents never saw my page and revealing my true self to the whole world.  On the other hand, it may have kept me honest because maybe I would’ve made better decisions if I knew the whole world were watching.  I just think that changing my relationship status once a week and posting “couple” pics would be weird.  Would I have cussed on Facebook as much as I cussed in real life?  Maybe I would’ve cussed less, cheated less, and been a better person.  Oh, I went to church more than anybody and am thankful that the influence of Godly parents, Sunday School teachers, neighbors, pastors, youth pastors, and friends won the day and helped me avoid a whole lot of regret.  I realize now that being there didn’t “save” me, but in a way it did.  I still had to choose Jesus for myself, but all those hours at church and with the church opened my eyes to what life truly was about.  It’s sad how many “good” kids I see go through this downhill progression where they forsake their faith and party hard all for the world to see.  It will be hard to tell your kids not to drink when they’ll be able to see all your underage drinking pictures on the internet.  I guess it’s odd that what used to be secretive and only your closest friends knew is now posted for the whole world to see.  You used to hear stories of people partying, but now we’ve got pics, updates from the party, and statuses from the morning after.  I think we’ve gotten so sensitive to not want to be judgmental that we don’t exercise any judgment at all.  There’s this attitude that sin is unavoidable so you might as well go with the flow.

4.  I try to use the internet and Social Media to share my faith and encourage others.  I think they are wonderful tools to communicate with the world.  I think that all of these things are making it possible for my children and (hopefully) grandchildren to know my story.  I want to make it a great one…one they can be proud of.

Took my Ipod Touch that had stopped charging by the Apple store on Monday and they replaced it with a new one.  It was quick and painless.  I didn’t have to beg or fuss.  The dude, whose name ironically is Steve for all those who know my latest nickname, was really cool and helpful.  I am having a great customer service month.  So, Kudos to Apple!

With Halloween approaching, here’s a funny video from the Onion that was posted last year.  Note:  this is not a real newscast.

Speaking of fake news, a group emailed some major news organizations claiming to be the US Chamber of Commerce a few days ago. The group stated that the Chamber was going to reverse it’s position on climate change and hold a press conference. Reuters picked up the story and ran with it. The group even held a fake press conference which was interrupted by a real rep from the Chamber. On Fox, they reported the Reuters headline while at the same time calling the Chamber for confirmation. The Chamber denied the news and Fox reported that the Reuters report may be an error. Reporters actually showed up to the fake press conference and were angered when it was interrupted. A quick phone call, email, or fact check would have saved these reporters some major embaressment. I guess I’m posting this because of the news media inability to fact check their sources lately. Just in the past week many news organizations falsely attributed quotes to Rush Limbaugh about slavery and James Earl Ray. The uproar lead to Limbaugh losing his spot on an ownership bid for the St. Louis Rams. We do this a lot in our lives. It’s called gossip. One of the 10 commandments even deals with “bearing false witness.” Without further delay, here’s the video of the fake press conference.

And finally, here’s my favorite “fake” press conference of all time. Louie Giglio back-tracking on Twitter.

It was quite the weekend for me.  Friday and Saturday, I was up at Victory Mountain Camp for The NC East Youth Fall Rally.  I had to leave early to speak at Liberty Wesleyan’s fall revival.  Matt Beasley was the speaker at Fall Rally.  He’s chasing his lion here.  I am still a little sore from playing back to back Flag Football games.  Can I just say that the “Official” NFL Flag Football set flags were terrible.  Started out with 20 and ended up with 12.  That’s after only a few games.  After my performance, you would think that I  couldn’t catch a cold, but I did.  I’m pretty sure there are too many comma’s in that last sentence.  Heading to the Apple store in Greensboro because my Ipod Touch won’t work unless it is plugged in.  I’m pretty sure they’re going to claim water damage on a device that hasn’t even been near any.  Hopefully, they can fix or replace it and I will have as great an experience with them as I have with Verizon the past few weeks.  Those people have given us A+ service on a couple of things.  People always talk about the mistakes and stuff.  I just want to give credit where it’s due and if Apple comes up big today…they’ll get props too.  I appreciate all the prayers for the revival I’m speaking at at Liberty Wesleyan.  Awesome day yesterday and loved hanging with the Wards!  Hope everyone has a great week.  Take lots of Vitamin C and drink that water!

1.  Sad that the Red Sox went out without a whimper.  Here’s hoping the Angels put the Yankees in a world of hurt and that the Phillies win it all.  It’s amazing that Charlie Manual was on the hot seat for so long in Philly, and now his job is as safe as anyone’s whether they win or lose.  He’s a perfect fit for that team and they are coming together at just the right time.  I haven’t bought my train ticket for the victory parade yet, but I told Karen this morning that I’m going when they win it all again.  So, to all you Chi United folks, anyone got room on the couch for me?

2.  If President Obama really wants to put the rest all the hubbub over his winning the Nobel Peace Prize then he’ll do an intervention with Jon and Kate and help them patch up their marriage so all of America can get on with our lives and see new faces on magazine covers.

3.  Finally, it’s Pastor Appreciation month.  It is NOT the thought that counts when no thought is put into a gift.  To help you in your search for the perfect gift I’ve compiled some suggestions and options over at Chase Your Lion dot com.

Here’s the link to the video from last week’s appearance on The Techology Show.

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My friend, Josh Buck, is featured in Rob Bell’s new book.  Josh and his wife are starting a movement at real time church dot com.

Working on 2 HUGE projects this week on top of blog updates, being a child of God, husband, and dad, youth pastor, Love/Mercy stuff, Fall/May/Mocktober Rally.  Pray for me as I make the final preparations to speak at Liberty Wesleyan Church next week for their fall revival.

Thanks to everyone who has checked out Chase Your Lion dot com and sent such encouraging emails, comments, and Facebook messages.  It is appreciated.