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We went to Mi Pueblo, a Mexican restaurant in Lexington on Mother’s Day.  We chose to eat on the patio waited patiently for our server.  Here’s what happened in the time it took him to actually take our order.
1.    Karen took the girls to the bathroom.
2.    Drake was in the high chair long enough that he got tired of it so I got him out and took him to the van to get some coloring books and toys.
3.    I started sweating since my back was in the sun.
4.    Karen and I both needed and received drink refills from our server.
When I got back to the table with Drake I asked Karen if our order had been taken.  She said no, but the server came right then.  There is usually a point when I put on the “5 minute clock.”  If our order hasn’t been taken in that time then we leave.  We have left a few restaurants over the years who’ve failed to get the job done.  Now, I don’t start the clock when we’re first seated so I’m not being unreasonable.  The food was great at Mi Pueblo’s.  It was the best burrito I’ve ever eaten.  It did not feel like the cookie cutter menu item that many Mexican restaurant’s serve.  The kids all cleaned their plates.  Then it took forever to get our bill.  Dude, when 3 kids get restless, you gotta get moving.  The kids had been great, but they had been asked to sit and be still an awfully long time due to our service delays.  Bottom line:  I don’t know if we’re gonna go back.  They had one shot and they blew it.  The one thing they have going for them is that they’re the closest Mexican restaurant to us.
Now, this whole episode made me think about the  church.  How many times have first time guests left disappointed with their experience?  How many times have we blown our one shot?  People’s souls are far more important than chips and salsa, but are we swinging for the fences every time we open the doors or just mailing it in every now and then?  Now, contrast Sunday’s experience with Monday night.  I went to pick up some pizza and breadsticks at Papa’s Pizza.  I paid the bill and got in the van.  Right before I pulled out of the parking lot, the cashier caught my attention.  He told me he realized he didn’t give me the special price and owed me money.  I followed him back in and he gave me back $4.  I hadn’t caught the mistake, but this guy chased me down when he did.  Their pizza is not the best every time, but it’s service like that which creates customer loyalty.  I wonder if churches offered an “hour back guarantee” if people would come knowing that if they didn’t like the service then they could get their hour back.  We’ve got to treat every week like it’s our only opportunity to make a first and lasting impression.

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