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I heard something Sunday night that greatly disturbed me. A guy on CNN asked the question,”Has Star Jones committed career suicide by bashing Barbara Walters?” I know that Star Jones has a law degree and was on the View and had a high profile wedding(and now divorce). But has she really had enough of a “career” that she could commit entertainment career suicide. I’m even more baffled that Star Jones got time on CNN. We live in a day and age where anybody, anywhere can be a celebrity. All it takes is a great YouTube post and your 15 minutes will get started. I heard Fred Andrews say in a sermon one time that Zsa Zsa Gabor was famous simply for being famous. That is so true today. To gain fame in our 24 hour new cycle, 500 channel, internet world is not a terribly hard thing to do. People get on the cover of magazines just for going to dinner(or for having cellulite-gross!). Accomplishment has taken a back seat outrageousness and brains has taken a back seat to beauty. My fear is that many of us will get caught up the race for fame and forget that there is only One “Famous One.” That we will use our talents to seek recognition for ourselves rather than diverting the attention to the One who gave our talents(and beauty). The problem with being famous today is that it’s not that special anymore. If you don’t believe me I have four words for you-Star Jones…Kevin Federline. Our choice is to spend a lifetime trying to gain our 15 minutes of fame or to spend our lives making famous the One who created minutes.

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