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My First Fantasy Football draft I had a specific strategy.  I would draft players to fill all my starting positions(Quarterback, 2 Running Backs, 2 Wide Receivers/TightEnds, Defense/Special Teams, and Kicker) before drafting bench players.  I would also have a sub for each position.   This strategy worked as I won the championship that year.  I used the same strategy the next year and made it to the finals.  I didn’t tweak the strategy much for several years.  My thinking was:  it’s more important to draft someone who will actually be scoring points than someone who will be on the bench.

A few years ago, I read a Fantasy Football article that blew this strategy out of the water.  The thinking was that it’s better to draft RB’s and WR’s for your bench because, for the most part,(after the top 3 or 4) TE’s, K’s, and Def’s are a dime a dozen.  I started drafting these 3 positions in the last 3 rounds and not having a sub for any of them.  RB’s and WR’s are liable to score more points or have a breakout season.  You can always drop an unproductive RB or WR and pick up a TE, K, or DEF when a bye week hits.  I crack up when I see guys draft multiple TE’s, K, and DEF early in drafts while I’m getting productive RB’s and WR’s.  Now, what does this have to do with church leadership?

First, there should be no bench players in the church.  How are we choosing our leaders and are we putting them in the right place where there strengths will shine through?  Or, are we selecting niche leaders instead of strong leaders?  Are we putting the person who can weave baskets in leadership simply because we want to find a place for them?  Is our church even strategic enough to know what kind of leaders we need and what we’re looking for them to do?  Sometimes, we pick leaders because of their last name or who invited them.  Are we picking people to fill a spot or we actually looking for those who will contribute to the mission and vision of our church/ministry?  Sometimes, I think we are totally unprepared when a new leader emerges.  We are not ready to cultivate and empower them for ministry so that initial burst of enthusiasm goes away.  We have got be more prepared to harness that enthusiasm and have the strategies in place so leaders/volunteers can find that place where they can serve with passion and purpose.  Many people spend their lives going through the motions.  The last thing they want to do is volunteer, lead, or serve in a capacity that doesn’t challenge, stretch, and empower them in their faith.  So, who are you going to draft and who needs to be removed from your team?

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About 10 years ago, I got into Fantasy Football.  No one knows this, but I actually invented fantasy sports at a church lock-in in the early 90’s.  We called it “card basketball” where we would pick players cards and see who could come up with the best team statistically.  If I had stuck with it….well, that’s a story for another day.  Anyway, I spent my bachelor party participating in our first(maybe second) fantasy football draft.  All I know is Kenny Hanna took Warrick Dunn, a rookie at the time, with the fourth overall pick.  Ironically, rookie Peyton Manning wasn’t even drafted, but I did pick him up late in the season and he lead me to the title.  The next season I had to pick between him and Kurt Warner on who to keep.  Let’s just say, I made a poor decision and compounded it by trading Randy Moss for David Boston and a kicker.  All the seasons are running together so I’m not sure if both these horrendous decisions were made in the same season or not.  I rarely finish in the middle.  I’m either first, second, or last.  I guess I got a little Ricky Bobby in me.  This year, I’m participating in 6 fantasy football leagues.  2 are with strangers on ESPN, and the other 4 are with people I know.  Laugh all you want, but I know a guy who had to report over $15,000 in fantasy football income one year on his taxes.  Granted, I’m not in any “money leagues” because all the guys still owe me from year one.  Most of the time you can’t tell how good a team is gonna be by their draft(especially if your top 2 RB’s and first 2 picks go down with injuries within the first 3 weeks not that I’m still bitter, Larry Johnson and Deuce McCalister) so any hopeful feelings must be kept in check.  After the first 4 drafts I am fairly pleased.  When you somehow get Adrian Petersen with the third pick then maybe it’s okay to starta hoping.  I can honestly say I have followed my gameplan in each one to a T.  I’ve got two more drafts coming up.  I actually have 4 spots left in a keeper league I’m doing on ESPN.  If you have no clue what that last sentence means then please don’t respond.  I won’t take the time to explain how Fantasy Football works, but I will close with an illustration of how it affects the way you watch the game.  In season 1 of the former SWU Flukes League, my roommate, Clark Camp, and I ordered Sunday Ticket from DirectTV so we could follow our fantasy players.  During week 1 we found ourselves watching the Seattle Seahawks beat someone 30-0.  I think we watched the whole 4th quarter of that game because if they got the shutout then Matt Rampey was going to win his matchup that week.  I will say I don’t miss doing all the scoring on a spreadsheet while reading the box scores from USA Today.  Two computer crashes wiped out the history of our league, but now, thanks to the internet, I can relive every heart wrenching moment from my online leagues.  If not for Patrick Jeffers, I would have been a back to back champion those first 2 years.  He scored 3 TD’s for the Panthers to give Aaron Rampey the title and then never scored another TD in his career due to injury.  Not that anyone is keeping score.

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