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1.  I wonder how a pro-life supporter can kill someone(in a church)in cold blood because that person is pro-choice.

2.  I wonder how many pastors(youth pastors especially) we will see get “let go”, “fired”, “inner circle word for getting fired(copyright, Heath Mullikin 2008)” before the Wesleyan denomination steps in and adds some real job protections to the Discipline.  How about when the youth pastor signs a yearly housing lease(because he’s asked to by the board) and shortly after is let go with a pricey out clause?  In the corporate world, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.  On the flip side, if the pastor jets in an untimely and unclassey way then he should be penalized like a college basketball coach.  At some point, a DS should step in and say, “nope, you ain’t gonna do that to these good people.  You’re taking a year off.”

3.  I wonder if the John Wesley movie is going to be as bad as I think it is.  I wonder if the 5’4″ Wesley appreciates being portrayed by a guy big enough to be an NFL TE(that’s Tight End for all you non-fantasy football players).  I wonder if, as Wesleyans, we are obligated to promote a substandard product which may do more harm than good.  Of course, the film may be great and I will see it regardless.  I thought “Amazing Grace” was great.  I just don’t see Mr. Calvin getting this kind of theatrical treatment.  When I see the movie(can’t find the release date on http://www.comingsoon.net which isn’t a good sign) I will give it a fair review and probably take a bunch of people to see it with me.  We may even rent out the whole theater.  I’m sure Jam can get us a deal at Cinemark in Asheboro.

4.  I wonder if TLC is “The Learning Channel” then what are they teaching us with season 5 of Jon and Kate(episode 2 is on as I type).  Why would the couple or the network sign on for 40 episodes in the midst of the beginnings of the current scandal(oh wait, I just dropped a dollar, now where was I)?  This season is going to be like Nascar-everyone is watching for the wrecks.

5.  I wonder how I game I am so terrible at(golf) brings me so much joy?  I will break 100 before year’s end.  Just gotta get my arm fixed first.  Is there such a thing as golfer’s elbow/forearm or that just called old man syndrome?

6.  I wonder why I made my wife wait while I finished typing this.  I’m an idiot.

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Being the parents of multiples, Karen and I have watched Jon and Kate plus 8 over the years. It was heartbreaking for us Monday night to watch how fractured their relationship had become. It was almost uncomfortable. One TV critic said that one almost felt like you were watching something you weren’t supposed to. I don’t know what has happened to their marriage. I don’t know if anything the tabloids said were true. I know that marriages aren’t built or torn down overnight. What we saw Monday was not the result of “one mistake”, but the culmination of a couple that had drifted apart over the course of many months(many which weren’t televised). I wonder what percentage of reality tv marriages have ended in divorce. I know that many relationships started on tv have failed(see Bret Micheals now on season 3 of Rock of Love: Whatever). Hulk Hogan and his wife are going through a nasty divorce. Nick and Jessica split up after a few seasons of their show. I’ve been wondering if the tabloids just through out junk headlines that fulfill themselves or if they really do have credible sources for some of this stuff. The National Enquirer broke the story on John Edwards’ affair, but they also said I would become rich if I stared at the big red dot long enough. Do happy couples see the headlines of their impending split week after week and it leads them down a dark path or were the headlines true to begin with? My hope and prayer is that Jon and Kate will work things out and that all of us watching will cherish our marriages even more. What was clear Monday night is that these 2 people do not seem to like each other very much any more. That did not happen overnight. I am facing a summer where I will be away from home for 4 weeks. I have to start preparing my family for that today. I have to invest time, energy, and passion into my marriage so that my wife’s(or my) tank isn’t on empty when I leave. You would think that after almost 10 years of marriage I would know how to do that effectively, but I don’t. I just know that it takes a lot of days and nights of not acknowledging your spouse before you can sit beside them on a couch on national TV and act like they’re not even there. So, are we all just gonna pile on Jon and Kate or are we gonna work everyday on our own marriages? Divorce is tragic whether it’s on national television or not.

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