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1.  Well, Clemson made a great decision and hired interim head coach Dabo Swinney as the full-time head coach.  I am pumped about this hire though some of my fellow Clemson fans were hoping for someone with more experience.  They probably said the same thing when Clemson hired Danny Ford.  Yes, those comparisons are starting now.  How can they not?  Both played at Bama.  Both coached at Bama.  Both won at Bama.  Both were hired as head coaches in their 30’s.  I was soooo glad they did not hire Lane Kiffin who was hired by Tennessee.  I think in three years you will see two programs headed in different directions.

2.  I found my new favorite church, Heath church.  It’s about 15 minutes from us.  Check them out here.  It’s cool to see vans with Heath Church on the side.  I wonder how tall the pastor is?

3.  Hillary Clinton has been nominated for Secretary of State.  I wonder who is more offended, secretaries or states?  Actually, I think she will be a fairly tough negotiator.  President-elect Obama had already appointed many Clinton aides from the past so why not appoint an actual Clinton?

4.  Just had to go pick up Milena at school.  She got sick, but didn’t tell anyone.  Thankfully, Charis spoke up about the throw up.  She just can’t seem to get well.  Hopefully, the Tinkerbell movie(which you can buy for $20 or DVR for free last Sunday) will cheer her up.

5.  I’m trying to figure out how to have a books I’m reading section on my blog’s front page with pictures of the books, cds, or movies I’m currently using.  Any help on how to do this would be appreciated.

6.  Got the Killers new CD on Itunes along with the new Coldplay EP.  Both are pretty good.  I remember taking shoe boxes full of cassette tapes to parties.  What will replace the Ipod?  It sure beats lugging a 250 CD case around everywhere.

7.  I’ve been reading a lot lately.  Lots of history books especially ones about JFK.  Most did not paint a flattering picture of him and his family.  Right now I’m working on 1776 and John Adams though I’m hoping to get the John Adams HBO DVD from the library.  Also finishing Simple Church.

8.  We have a NC East youth pastor’s meeting today so me and Apostle Tall will be heading over for that.  Pray that we will make wise decision in planning next year’s youth camps.

9.  Finally, I would put last night’s episode of Heroes in the top 3 all-time.  It was amazing.  My favorite part is when Hiro shows up at the Bennetts house, looks at Sylar, says “Bad Man”, and teleports him away.  It just came out of nowhere.  Lots of twists and turns and they’re not focusing on characters I don’t like anymore like Maya.  Maybe the Haitian could wipe the whole Maya and Alexandro story line from my memory.  Speaking of the Haitian, what did he do to his brother?  Did he wipe his memory or kill him?  If so, then how did he kill him?  The Seth Green and Duncan Meyer cameos have been priceless.

10.  It’s off to Sir Pizza’s!

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