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Twitter Etiquette

Well, after a few months of prodding and even a few posts about not wanting to do it I opened my Twitter account on Saturday.  Here are a few things I’ve noticed so far.

1.  Comments on my Facebook status have tripled since linking it to my Twitter.

2.  Twitter is a lot like blogging in the sense that many people start but far fewer keep it going.

3.  I think I’m already getting twitter spam in the form of followers who are selling something.

4.  Is it impolite to not follow someone that follows you?

5.  Already had one do over where I forgot stuff went to my Facebook page, but it did stir up some conversation on my wall.

6.  There are several people people following me who are in ministry whom I don’t know.  I do know that many of these people are involved in movements of God around the globe and that is one very exciting thing about Twitter.

7.  One of my personal heroes is following me.  I think he’s trying to weed out fakes and stalkers.  I hope I’m neither.

8.  It only took me two days to turn off the phone updates with only 1 or 2 exceptions.  I had intentionally turned them on for almost all of the 2 dozen people I was following, but that was waaayyy too much.

9.  I think the @ is trying to take over the world and I think @l gore is behind it.  I’m trying to figure out if it means people are quoting someone else’s twitter or just referring to them.  I think it clutters it up and makes my head hurt.  Hopefully, my twitter feed(on the right over there) doesn’t appear cluttered.  If it does you can @clutter @heathmullikin.

10.  Just as crazy Myspace names are driving me off of it(oh yeah, I will be shutting my account down this week after copying and pasting all my old blogs) Twitter also gives the freedom to let people give themself an unrecognizable name.  Many people use their nickname which is okay and one clever fellow even uses his name spelled sdrawkcab.  As for me, I have enough identity issues as it is.

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