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1.  This story makes me leary of buying a GPS system despite my inability to navigate the Triad.

2.  Karen and I have decided to run a half marathon in the fall instead of the one in June.  Basically, I’ve got to lose some weight before I can really run like I need to.  Running was killing my knees and back.  So, Karen found a nice Eliptical machine on Craigslist and we are hitting it hard.  Now, if I would only remember to stretch first.  So, I’m aiming for a target weight and hitting the road again after that.

3.  The NBA Playoffs have been a joy to watch.  I’m not sure what they did to increase the flow of the game and the offense, but I like it.  Orlando was amazing in Game 7 at Boston.  KG truly is the heart of their defense and without him they couldn’t get the stops they needed.  I think Cleveland wins the Finals this year and models their franchise after the Bulls:  surround Lebron with role players who do what they’re asked to do.

4.  I am still trying to figure out this network marketing thing.  It’s frustrating because I know there are a gazillion ways to make money online.  It’s putting my time and energy in the right place and learning the right things that are a struggle.  I feel like I get distracted and lose time getting to my end result.  Thankfully, I’ve learned alot of neat things, but still need to put many of them into practice.

5.  I have no idea what’s happening on American Idol.

6.  In case you didn’t hear, all World Series games will begin at 7:57 pm this year.  Finally, Bud Selig makes a sane decision and I won’t have to celebrate quietly when one of my teams wins it all.  Both Red Sox victories were enjoyed alone after midnight and I had to be quiet.  Red Sox and Phillies have won 3 of the last 5.  I hope to see that trend continue.

7.  Found the site, keepvid.com, last week.  It allows you to download youtube and other videos to your computer.  It’s already helped with getting videos for worship as I can import the downloaded vids right into propresenter.  Any other programs I need to be checking out?

8.  I’m off to lunch with my friend, Jared Bell.  I’m excited about what God is doing in his life and ministry.  We are gonna solve the world’s political problems and plan the camp games.

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